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10 March 2023

Fixed some links, installed an SSH certificate using Let's Encrypt and changed the front page for the first time in 6 years!

5 February 2017

Removed the Adsense Ads. What was I thinking?

4 January 2014

Added Big Eye Mine and more photos for Kofa, Polaris and Silent.

26 October 2011

It would appear that mining has resumed at Vulture. Until operations there cease, visitors will not be welcomed at the mine.

3 September 2008

Added Camp Naco. This is an amazingly well preserved military site on the outskirts of Naco that housed troops stationed to protect the U.S. border. Added a .GPX waypoint link for the camp. If you find this useful, please let me know. Also, if you know of a way to download the file rather than just showing the XML, drop a line.

26 August 2008

Added some stuff to the tourism page. My how time flies.

5 June 2007

Added Silent. This is a neat drive but relatively few historic ruins are present at the site.

23 February 2007

Updated the comments page with some PHP from This should cut down on the form spam issue which caused removal of the comments form.

23 September 2005

Added Dome

13 September 2005

Added Fortuna. This is the first addition of a new town in three years. My, how time flies. I was lucky enough to have a work trip that required passing along the Camino Del Diablo and through the Yodaville range complex. I wholeheartedly recommend viewing Fortuna from your web-browser and not venturing out into the desert. The area presents a unique set of hazards to life, both natural and man-made.

7 May 2005

Well, I'm back online in a limited sense. The joys of a town so small that broadband doesn't exist here. Dialup is better than nothing. Able to answer questions if I can. My entire library of reference material and books is packed away in storage, so answers may not be as detailed as I'd like.

15 February 2005

Something has come up which will probably leave me unable to respond to questions for the forseeable future. The website will remain online, but will not be updated until at least August of 2005.

16 January 2005

Added new photos and coordinate sets for Harqua Hala and Swansea. Tons of changes at Swansea.

25 October 2004

Internet access again, after seven months without. Cleaned up some links on the tourist page. Paul's site has moved and is now sporting frames. Will be working through the backlog of visitor comments and requests as I get time.

2 January 2004

Posted some updated coordinates and photos for DeSoto and Venezia. Wow, the senator highway has really gotten rough. Maybe I just got older, I don't know :) Since my last update, the number of deep links have dropped dramatically. Seems unscrupulous webmasters don't like their pages to give popup traps, porn links and spyware downloads. Funny how that works. Thanks for all the fun watching the server logs, guys.

19 November 2003

Found some really interesting stuff in my server logs this month involving deep linking and image leaching. I've had it with playing nice. I've setup as nasty and obnoxious a redirect page as I can. From now on, any site that deep links will get traffic redirected to this page. I promise - your visitors will not be pleased. The URL is listed in a comment just after this paragraph if you check source code of this page. Warning - this URL is not work safe and is not kid safe. This is why I've posted no direct link to it.

30 September 2003

Wow, it's been nearly nine months since I posted the question about posting of coordinates and paper maps below. Not a single comment or response to it. Guess nobody is reading this. In the interim, I did recreate all the map files. Think it's been two years or so since I did that.

Added new images and better coordinates to Cochran. I've had that stuff sitting around since January and hadn't done anything with it. Time flies.

13 January 2003

Re-visited Gillett over the weekend. Quite a change in the place. One of the doorways has fallen, as has the last chimney. The fireplace is still visible, but its walls are crumbling from the bottom. Posted new coordinates for the town in three formats. My traditional degrees, minutes and seconds in NAD-27, the format geocachers use of degrees, decimal minutes in WGS-84 and finally a UTM position in WGS-84.

Considering re-posting directions and locations for many of the towns. My logic being that most of the locations are available elsewhere online along with aerial photos. The problem is that some of the name and location pairs are wrong by a wide margin. I would appreciate some comments on this topic. Specifically regarding where you get locations for the towns other than this website if you are a frequent visitor. Would detailed coordinates aid your planning? If you have GPS coordinates, do you still carry and consult paper maps?

30 June 2002

Got the aerial shots of Sundad scanned and posted. Much clearer picture of what you can see around the town.

16 June 2002

Finally got Sundad scanned and posted. Difficult to find info on the town.

4 June 2002

Shot pictures at Sundad this past weekend. Will get them posted soon. Neat trip, although somewhat dangerous due to the remote location and harsh desert environment.

19 April 2002

Finally got out to Constellation. Great trip, although your options are limited by private property markers when you get there. Bring binoculars and a telephoto lens.

31 March 2002

Shot some pictures at the Jerome cemetery today. Added a shot from Stoddard last weekend.

8 July 2001

Added a page for you Visor or Palm users on synchronizing data with Netscape.

20 June 2001

Added Bradshaw City. Removed some wonky code from the image maps. Sorry if you got an error clicking on them.

18 June 2001

Removed the banner advertising from the page tops. Man, what was I thinking? Fixed a few links associated with the maps page.

On the GPS front, WAAS is making a splash out there. Accuracy under three meters in the field. Pretty spiffy.

9 August 2000

Well, after 4 years of continuous spinning, the hard drive on my computer died.   Had to restore some backups.  Sorry for the delay in changing the page.

1 June 2000

Added Cedar.  As of 1 May, 2000 Selective Availability has been set to zero. Read more about it here. This will make your GPS a good deal more accurate.  The fixes I got at Cedar were estimated to be within 14 feet by my handheld unit.

21 April 2000

Added Old Glory.

17 March 2000

Fixed numerous link/image problems around the site.  Added new maps on the maps page for RichinbarPoland and Katherine sites.

1 March 2000

Welcome to

25 January 2000

Film for Richinbar wasn't bad.  Processing at Walgreen's was.  They had the gall to tell me that they did it twice.  Found a new lab.  Problem solved.   For those interested, Richinbar is now surrounded by the Agua Fria National Monument. Added Poland and Katherine sites.

Passed one hundred thousand visitors.  Wow.  Imagine how big a field we'd need for a group shot.

10 January 2000

Added a new photo to Oldtrails, courtesy of Glenna Crum. Possibly the first "historic" photo on the site.  A roll of bad film will postpone Richinbar for a bit.  Let's hope slick willy and his new monument don't make it an indefinite postponement.

2 January 2000

Happy new year!  Been working on the page for Oldtrails, which I visited last week.  Amazing how much JavaScript adds to a page. 

1 November 1999

Updated the image maps for the browse by map section.   Won the Searchking award for excellence as well.

23 October 1999

Won my first award since the site re-design.  Head over to the awards page and look for the Aloha Award.

17 October 1999

Added Vulture Mine page.  One heck of a great place!  Shot almost 100 pictures.  Too many to put online at once!

10 October 1999

Added Kofa, Polaris and Agua Caliente pages.

6 October 1999

Received some great suggestions on the layout of the page.  Implemented many of them.  If anything, it looks and feels better.

3 October 1999

Finally got around to doing some cosmetic changes to the site.  Basic format carried back to 1995, when Netscape 2.0 was king.  Hope you like it.

7 June 1999

Added Cherry town page. Another thank you to Mr. Steve Merkeley of Cherry for his hospitality!

6 June 1999

Added Olive, Mineral Hill, Total Wreck and Twin Buttes town pages. Have photos shot for the town of Cherry, will get them developed and posted soon.

7 March 1999

Added new photos to the Mowry town page. Didn't find the powder house the last time I was there. Also added Millville to the map for southern AZ.

17 November 1998

Added Millville town page.

14 November 1998

Spell check is a good thing!

9 November 1998

Added Cochran town page. Wonderful place for a picnic.

17 October 1998

Moved ISP's over this week. The changeover should be complete, with no broken links or references to the old address. Please mail me if you find one. It will be a while before all of the search engines get caught up with the new page location. Planning several trips for after November 3rd.

27 July 1998

Added Octave and Weaver Town Pages. Updated Placerita photo and added one for Wagoner. The remains of the Wagoner general store are no more.

1 July 1998

Added Stoddard Town Page.

26 May 1998

Found a website linking directly into the town pages, not to the ghost.html page. If you're interested in my material, please contact me. Please DO NOT link directly into the town pages.

9 April 1998

Added Galeyville page.

6 April 1998

Added Contention page and history to Pinal page.

1 April 1998

Thought about adding a psuedo-town for April Fool's day, but my conscience got to me and I thought about some poor soul trekking out to the middle of nowhere to get a good look at pictures from New Orleans or something.

I'd like to thank the 4800+ people who visited last month - best month ever! Passed 50000 visitors even. Never thought it would get this far.

31 March 1998

Added history and more specific dates to the Reymert Page. The Arizona Historical Foundation rocks!

22 March 1998

Added Fairbank and Charleston town pages.

18 March 1998

Added Reymert town page.

2 February 1998

Added Helvetia, Greaterville, Kentucky Camp and McCabe town pages.

14 January 1998

Added Awards Page
Added If You Visit a Ghost Town Page
Shortened Index table by removing text town pages and other stuff

6 Nov 1997

Added Harqua Hala Town Page
Added Pictures for Oro Belle Town Page
Updated directions and added GPS point for De Soto Mine Page

13 Oct 1997

Added Swansea Pumping Station
Updated directions on Swansea Page

17 Sep 1997

Added Placerita Town Page
Added Thanks page

2 Sep 1997

Added Dos Cabezas and Hilltop Town Pages

25 Mar 1997

Added Copper Creek Town Page

20 Mar 1997

Added Cerbat, Goldroad, Mineral Park, Oatman and Signal Town Pages.
Moved main image map from graphical ghost town index to the main index on a smaller .gif.
Added links, Tourism Destinations and Comments on Map Datums pages

6 Jan 1997

Started Updates Page
Added Sasco and Silverbell Town Pages

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