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My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to:

Jeffrey D. Barker
Amy Green
Jessica M. Green
Glenna Crum
Drake Finney
Hank and Chris Gallo
Willa Lucas
Conrad A. Robertson
Stephen J. Stogsdill
Mathew D. Sullivan
Lisa E. Edney
Michael Vied
David C. Williams, Jr.

  • Driving when my truck couldn't make it
  • Driving when I couldn't make it
  • Spotting me film
  • Hiking to the middle of nowhere in all kinds of conditions
  • All kinds of flat tires
  • Allowing me the luxury of rolling down the windows at 105 degrees
  • Having the coolest way of unloading firewood...
  • Believing that you can still have a good time at 28 degrees
  • Letting me use your pictures
  • Time and inspiration

And lots of other things.!So Much Help...

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