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Mat's Homepage
Jessica's Web
Andrew's FloatingCat.Com

Arizona Links

Arizona Highways Magazine Jerome Grand Hotel - Jerome
The Vulture Mine - Wickenburg Haunted Hamburger - Jerome

Ghost Towns, History and Mining
Todd Underwood's
The Ghost Town Site
Troy Paiva's Lost America - All night photography

Better Products for Modern Living:

Computer Security
Yubico the makers of Yubikeys
Google Advanced Account Protection
Facebook Account Security using U2F

Drones and RC
Autel Robotics
RaceDay Quads
Joshua Bardwell on YouTube
Raising the Limit

Garmin International
GPS City

Amateur Radio and Communications
Icom America
Kenwood Communications
Bridgecom Systems

Firearms and Weapon Mainenance
National Rifle Association
Stay Ready Gear Holsters
Sturm Ruger & Co.
Remington Arms

Stuff for when your butt is on the line
Surefire Flashlights
Streamlight Flashlights
GGG Products

Other Stuff
The Salvation Army
Rosemary Jacobs' pages on Argyria and Colloidal Silver. Don't take snake oil.

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